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St Michael School Lunch

Frequently Asked Questions


why am i being charged a fee to use my credit card?

The convenience fee is charged only when the account is funded, not every time a lunch is purchased.  SpiceCubed does not keep any portion of the convenience fee and is used to maintain the online ordering system.  If you have multiple students in your account you can fund one account and easily transfer funds from one to another at no charge.  Options to add money to the accounts are listed below:

  • Credit Card

    • $4 fee

    • Instantly applies to account

  • ACH Transaction

    • $2 fee

    • Instantly applies to account

  • Check

    • Free

    • Will take up to 48 hours to apply to account

    • Make checks payable to "SpiceCubed", write student PIN number in memo section

    • Drop off check at front office or in lunch room (cashier)

  • Cash

    • Free

    • Will take up to 48 hours to apply to account

    • Cash should be in an envelope with student PIN number on outside

    • Please hand cash directly to cashier

  • PayPal (credit cards or bank transfer)

    • Free

    • Will take up to a week to apply to account

    • Send any amount to  You must note student PIN number on transfer

What is the student pin number for my child?

The PIN is used only for school lunches and is not related to the school ID.  We can easily look up and send you the student PIN, just send us a quick request here.

I FORGOT to place my order! 

Lunch orders must be placed before midnight the night before service.  After midnight, emergency lunches can be purchased using the link below.  A chefs choice bag lunch of an entree, two sides and milk will be provided as long as you complete the purchase.  Please do this as early as possible to give us plenty of time to prepare and deliver. 

i'm concerned about my child taking 4 slices of pizza

As the account is pulled up for each student, we now have the option to add an alert for the cashier.  If you want us to add a note that they can only have 1 slice of pizza, or they can only choose pizza on Fridays, or no pizza whatsoever, or set a maximum order of $4, or any other concern you want our cashier to enforce, we can easily add that to your account.  Just send us a quick request at our contact page and we will get it set up.  The system updates every day with the exact selections picked out by the students.  Parents can log into their account at any time and view up to 30 days history.  

i have a child with allergies or a special diet

We do not serve any item that contains nuts.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about specific food products or ingredients.

i tried calling your phone number but the response was too slow

The most efficient way to contact us is through this quick form or at  This instantly sends your request to the lunch staff who can answer your question or fix your problem.  The phone number listed on this site will bounce your request to the wrong departments slowing down our ability to efficiently respond.

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